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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Adult Speech & Language Therapy

Countywide assessment, case management, treatment, carer support, education & training services in the Acute and Community Hospitals, Community Outpatient clinics, Domiciliary, Specialist teams, Rehab and Stroke Units, etc.

Client group

Adults with speech, language, voice, fluency disorders & eating drinking, swallowing disorders.

How the service is accessed

Open access except for dysphagia when a written signed, medical referral is required. 

Adult Speeech and Language Screen Shot
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Service base

Adult SLT Service Office
c/o Droitwich Medical Centre
01905 681049

Geographical area covered by the team

Countywide for Acute and Community.

Key contacts:

Gill Nance , SLT Service manager Tel: 01905 681049 / 01562 513045


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